What is required of me to get started?

We start all projects with prayer, we pray, and we ask you to pray. Next we ask you to provide you mission statement so that we can be spirit led in the direction we need to take. Finally you will be asked to provide some basic content. We often find that God does the rest.

How do I get a web name?

A URL is your unique address on the wold wide web, we will guide you to the most beneficial name, and/or provide it for you if you like.

How do I host my site.

Hosting is like a garage, you need a place to store your web vehicle, we can provide you with hosting or direct you to a hosting provider.

What if I need a logo?

We love designing logos, as it is a good place to start.

How much will my site cost?

Most sites run between $500-$1000, however we are here to serve God and you. So we work within your budget, and/or under love offering donations.