Our Approach

Before we approach every project we commit it to prayer and supplication. Then we ask our clients for a mission statement.

misĀ·sion stateĀ·ment
noun: mission statement; plural noun: mission statements

  1. a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.


Simply put we ask: WHAT IS THE CALL ON YOUR LIFE?

My Story

Many years ago God gave me a vision to witness to the world. So I asked Him, Lord how can I be of most use to you through this calling? He said server others who are serving Me! Since it was a Divine Intervention on my life DiMissionWeb was born.

Meet the Team


Douglas Mollo


Douglas M. Mollo: Entrepreneur, Managing Director

Mr. Mollo has been involved in business development and business creation for over two decades. Most of his business focus has been on Palm Beach County where he was the CEO of the Florida Trade Show Company with an early vision to unite local businesses in the Palm Beach Treasure Coast Business Expo and owner / publisher of the Palm Beach Business Plus magazine. Mr. Mollo has a strong business foundation and first hand web site production experience, he is the CEO of AdvancedAds a computer networking, digital surveillance and web development company for over nine years. He was VP of Sales & Marketing at the Internet Marketing Group, a Tequesta, FL based Internet advertising agency for three years. He spent two years as Senior Director of Meridian Star PB Processing. Mr. Mollo was the Marketing Director for Atlantic Technology Center, in WPB, FL for two years. He is the owner of RxGlobal LLC, who's predominant focus has been in the formulation, and distribution of anti-aging skin care and wellness products and he was the Commercial Territory Manager for Florida Commercial Fitness, and Wilkins Fitness, Enterprises.

Mr. Mollo is a member of the Sandler Sales Institute and has appeared as a public speaker on various topics including global business trends, nutritional health, corporate wellness and the power of positive thinking. Douglas Mollo has over twenty-four years experience in marketing and sales in the health and wellness industry.
With a strong passion for Americas youth, Mr. Mollo competitively coached part time, for twenty-nine years, and is active as a USAG coach, holding numerous Florida state championship team and individual titles. He was an intercollegiate coach for the State University at New Paltz, New York specializing in strength, conditioning and technique. He was the director of the Executive Health and Stress Club in Sydney Australia a 4,500 square foot facility catering to corporate fitness.

He served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Florence De George Boys & Girls Club in Palm Beach County. He has a strong heart for ministry, missions work, and is the founder of DiMissionWeb.org a web development ministry for worldwide missions.


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